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What is the ROOF UMBRELLA?

It is primarily a heat-shielding sheet which is installed on top of metal folded-plate roofs and uses natural energy to deflect heat and provide insulation.

What kinds of benefits does the ROOF UMBRELLA provide?

By obstructing the sun’s rays from hitting the roof directly, it prevents the overall temperature of the roof from rising, and also has the benefit of restricting heat from circulating throughout the entire building. It also provides the benefit of suppressing the noise that particularly occurs when rainfall hits a metal roof. Currently, we have verified that the sheet can provide a wide range of benefits, including condensation reduction, insulation in the winter, and diminish loud noises resulting from metal roofs.

Why is the ROOF UMBRELLA filled with so many holes?

The holes are there to provide improved air flow (natural wind), and to better reduce the temperature of the entire roof. The many holes in the sheet allow incoming air to escape, and prevent the sheet from flapping (floating or rattling). The holes are there because simply covering the roof with a sheet (without holes) can conversely trap heat and make it even hotter.

Why do you use sheet material?

We use this material because it has been proven to have superior qualities, with a low price, high-performance benefits, and can be installed in a short amount of time.

Can I use another type of sheet in the same way?

That is not possible. The ROOF UMBRELLA has been certified under the ROOF UMBRELLA system. Therefore, other materials and similar or identical products cannot be used.

How is the ROOF UMBRELLA constructed differently than other insulation methods?

First of all, the ROOF UMBRELLA costs significantly less in terms of installation costs, can be installed in a short period of time, and will immediately display its insulation benefits.


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