Thermal Insulation Measures

Thermal Insulation Measures

Comparison with Existing Thermal Insulation Systems

Roof Umbrella Thermal Insulation Coating Other Heat Insulation Green Roof Reasons to Choose Roof Umbrella
Application Area Roughly 80% of the roof’s surface Over 150% of the roof’s surface Roughly the same as the roof’s surface Must be applied less than the roof’s surface With a wave shaped roof, the total area of the roof becomes greater. The application area is half as much as coating.
Maintenance Basically unnecessary Basically unnecessary Basically unnecessary Watering and other maintenance needed Warranty and after-sale service lead to protection and management of the roof.
Application Time per 1,000 ㎡ Roughly 1 day (seam type) 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks and requires plant growth time There is minimal hindrance to factory work and customer time at shops.
Heat Insulating
Coating has issues with application and deterioration. Other methods may increase heat by trapping it in the material. Green roofs may lose their effect through lack of maintenance.
Condensation △ depends on type Unknown There are lots of positive results in preventing condensation.
Sound of Rain × The sheet absorbs the sound of rain to significantly dampen it.
○/○ ×/× ×/× ○/○ depends on conditions The ability to move it makes it perfect for rental buildings and scrap and build.
Depends on roof shape and condition Anywhere (depends on roof condition) Depends on roof shape and condition Depends on roof shape and condition (weight limit) Roof Umbrella can be applied on all metal folded-plate roofs.
Heat Transfer There is little heat transfer, as the insulation sheet and roof do not touch. Effects are uneven due to integration with the roof. Effects wear off especially when it is soiled. Heat is reflected, but heat transfer occurs even with insulation because the roof and material tough closely. There is little heat transfer, as heat is absorbed and transpired, but there is some due to the close contact with the roof. Limiting heat transfer is a characteristic property of Roof Umbrella. This is the explanation behind the name of Roof Umbrella.

The above comparison table is based on individual research and may differ from actual results.


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