Customer Opinions

Customer Opinions

We would like to share with you some of our customers’ thoughts on ROOF UMBRELLA.

Citizen Cooperative (Tokyo)

Citizen Cooperative (Tokyo)

What led you to install ROOF UMBRELLA?

The moment for us was a few years ago, when the fire alarm in our attic went off. The reason why the alarm went off was probably that the temperature in the attic was over 70 degrees Celsius. Originally, we tried covering our roof with aluminum cans, but we had to give up on that idea because they would blow away in typhoons. When we looked into whether there was another way we could get heat insulation, we were told about ROOF UMBRELLA, and we decided to install one.

Since installing it, how have the results been?

Mr. Kanenaga,
Mr. Kanenaga,
Citizen Cooperative (Tokyo)

When I checked the temperature in the attic, it was the same as the temperature outside. When I think about how the attic had been getting up to around 70 degrees Celsius, just the fact that it’s now the same as the temperature outside shows me that ROOF UMBRELLA is quite effective. I think this has also led to a reduction in our air conditioning costs.

The following is an overview of impressions that our customers have shared with us.

Location Building Function Impressions
Mie Prefecture Warehouse Every year, we would have several people show symptoms of heatstroke, but since installing ROOF UMBRELLA, we have had zero cases of heatstroke.
Mie Prefecture Warehouse The building is a storehouse for candy. Due to the heat, we had nearly 100 complaints about problems such as products having melted. However, we have been able to reduce the number of complaints to one.
Saitama Prefecture Warehouse After the recent heavy snowfall (Feb. 15th, 2014), while the places where we had not installed ROOF UMBRELLA had accumulations of water due to snow melt, this moisture problem did not occur in the place where we did install ROOF UMBRELLA.
Saitama Prefecture Office Thanks to ROOF UMBRELLA, today, we are able to set our air conditioning to 25 degrees Celsius and still get a good cooling effect. That is five degrees higher than the setting we needed to use before. We are truly grateful. Thank you.
Aichi Prefecture Factory New setup (changed from the initial plan of two layers of shingles, to a single layer plus ROOF UMBRELLA): I think that the factory is cooler than it had been before. No air conditioning.
Aichi Prefecture Retail Store New setup (changed from the initial plan of two layers of shingles, to a single layer plus ROOF UMBRELLA): Even with the air conditioning set at 28 degrees Celsius in the summertime, we have even had one of our women employees suggest that we turn the air conditioning off altogether because it feels too cool.
Private Residence
(Location Withheld)
Garage Garage for parking cars at a private residence. It used to be so hot that the kids were unable to play in the garage, but ROOF UMBRELLA has been so effective that they might be able to play in there this year.
Aichi Prefecture Factory Food product storage facility. The conditions are now so good that we no longer need to use air conditioning for the most part.
Hyogo Prefecture Office Even when it’s over 30 degrees Celsius outside, we can go without air conditioning in our two-floor office building without any problems.
Osaka Factory Our ceiling is eight meters high. Compared to when we didn’t have ROOF UMBRELLA, the shop floor is cooler by three degrees Celsius.
Aichi Prefecture Residence Our electricity costs in the summer are about three times lower.
Saitama Prefecture Factory We no longer have the condensation in the factory shipping area that we used to get.
Kanagawa Prefecture Factory After installing ROOF UMBRELLA, when we set the air conditioning the same way that it had been before the installation, one of the women said it was cold. We’ve gone from setting it at 26 degrees Celsius to 29, and there have been no problems at all.
Saitama Prefecture Factory The temperature inside the factory is now four to five degrees Celsius lower. (Height to roof: 5 m)
Tokyo Factory Three to four degrees Celsius lower since installing ROOF UMBRELLA.
Ibaraki Prefecture Factory Since installing ROOF UMBRELLA, we no longer need to run one of the eight air conditioning units in the factory.
Tokyo Office It’s no longer hot in the morning before we run the air conditioning.
Tokyo Office It no longer feels hazy in the morning, and we’ve changed the temperature setting on our air conditioning to 28 degrees Celsius. (Before installing ROOF UMBRELLA, it was set at 26.)
Shiga Prefecture Factory The temperature inside the factory is now two to three degrees Celsius lower. (Height to roof: 7 m)
Tokyo Office We no longer need to run the air conditioning for an hour and then turn it off for 30 minutes. Even when the temperature is set at 29 degrees Celsius, it does not feel hot. (We used to have it set at 26 degrees when it was turned on.)
Tokyo Office Every year, the office had been hot even when the air conditioning was on, but now it is so much better that when we had the temperature at the same setting as before, the women on staff were wearing long sleeves.
Saitama Prefecture Warehouse It no longer feels hazy in the morning.
Tokyo Retail Store The temperature is three to four degrees Celsius lower. It has the expected results even when installed over thermal installation paint.
Osaka Office We used to have two air conditioners running on full, but since installing ROOF UMBRELLA, we can run just one without any problems. After the one-month inspection, we started turning off the air conditioning for one hour in the morning and after 3:00 p.m.
Osaka Factory The hazy feeling in the morning is gone. We now have the roof fan running on half power.
Gunma Prefecture Warehouse The customer installed ROOF UMBRELLA two years ago. Workers in the warehouse (height: 10 m) have said that their experience there has changed. It appears that the people at the warehouse would like to see ROOF UMBRELLA installed at other locations. At the start of this year, the person in charge contacted us and said that once again, there were no complaints about the heat last summer.
Saitama Prefecture Office The office installed ROOF UMBRELLA in June of the year before last. Before that, they had their air conditioning temperature set at 23 degrees Celsius. After the installation, it was set to 28 degrees Celsius. Even in August, it was fine when set at 27.
Chiba Prefecture Warehouse The temperature on the mezzanine, which is three meters from the roof, is now about five degrees Celsius lower.
Chiba Prefecture Warehouse Even at the time of inspection two years after installation, the customer felt that ROOF UMBRELLA was continuing to produce insulation results.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to continuing to serve you. –From everyone at SAWAYA


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